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Hohner Special 20 Custom Wood Harmonica Comb BAMBOO

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-05-15)
Price : US $16.00

Hohner Special 20 Custom Wood Harmonica Comb BAMBOO

WE are the only company that provides Bamboo combs for harmonicas besides Hohner (Crossover). 100% guarantee on quality.

The comb is made with the finest wood, precisely cut with a CNC machine, sealed, outside edges coated with food-safe lacquer, and hand polished to ensure smooth surface and perfect finish. Not only will this beautify your harp it will improve its performance and tone. Wood produces a richer tone and these combs are designed to allow more air into the harmonica--it will play better than with a plastic comb. Why do you think the Marine Band Crossover with Bamboo have been so popular? The tone is beautiful!

''These combs really improved the tone and playability of my Special 20's. Feels good in the mouth and responds beautifully to every bend.''

- Jon Gindick http://www.bluesharmonicajamcamp.com

''I also just wanted to mention how pleased I've been with the comb I previously recieved (Special 20). The build quality is awesome (coming from an engineer) and the tone is great! I'm very impressed with how much the air tightness of the harp is improved with your combs.  I'm able to easily overblow on a stock harp that I've done nothing to but replace the plastic comb with yours.  Keep up the great work, and let me know about new products coming out.'' - Brian F.

Additional exotic woods available! , Mahogany, Yellow Heart, Bocote, Natural Walnut and Dymondwood.

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Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2011-05-15)

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