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Hohner 2209 / 28 Echo Tremolo Harmonica Key of G

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-06-10)
Price : US $16.08

Hohner 2209 / 28 Echo Tremolo Harmonica Key of G

Gets a
beautiful vibrato effect.
The double row of 14 holes on
Tremolo Harmonica
creates music with a distinctive vibrating (vibrato) effect. This is
produced by the bottom row of holes and the top row of holes being
played at the same time and tuned to the same note, with the top row
tuned just slightly higher. This special tuning enables the player to
make the tremolo sound which is especially popular for ballads, gospel,
and folk music.

Hohner 2209/28 Echo
Tremolo Harmonica Features:

28 holes (2 rows
of 14)Unique vibrato effectCurved mouthpieceTraditional
wood combChrome-plated covers with turned

HOHNER -- the world's biggest
manufacturer of harmonicas -- has
proudly maintained a tradition of high quality instrument making. 
Our mission is to offer a diverse range of models designed to meet the
needs of every musician in today's musical climate.
investment in research and development, combined with knowledge that
has been cultivated for decades, insures our high quality standards
-- both now and in the future. By working in close co-operation
with the most renowned professional harmonica players, we ensure that
our instruments remain on the cutting edge of the industry.  Our
up-to-date manufacturing process uses special alloys a

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2010-06-10)

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