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1930s Hotz American Ace Harmonica with Original Case

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-06-08)
Price : US $4.99

1930s Hotz American Ace Harmonica with Original Case

1930s Hotz American Ace Harmonica with Original Case

This is a classic . . . a vintage Hotz American Ace Harmonica . . . Made in Germany by Hotz Harmonicas in the late 1930s.  In the key of ā€œGā€.     

Fr. Hotz began producing mouth organs in his factory in Knittlingen, Germany just four short years after the invention of the instrument, and the Hotz Company was one of the finest Harmonica makers in Germany, comparable to Hohner, which took over the company shortly before World War II, but the company continued to market and manufacture until the early 1960s . . . This particular model, the American Ace, continues to be made by Hohner to this day.  

The harmonica itself is a 4 1/4'' long diatonic . . . similar in style and construction to the classic Hohner diatonics, like the Marine Band. It has a wooden body and metal face plates, and is in remarkable condition for its age. . . The metal face plates do have some corrosion, but the harmonica is whole, the body uncracked . . .

Equally nice for the collector is the box . . . picturing a classic looking plane in flight.  The telescoping style box is in excellent condition . . . showing a little wear it is true . . .  The air-plane graphics are quite nice.  The box is very display worthy.

Highly collectible . . . And it will make a great display . . . A gem for the collector, and with our low starting bid and no reserve, may be the deal of the week.

Buyer pays $4.21 for shipping in the continental US . . .

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2010-06-08)

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