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HERO 24 Holes Chromatic Harmonica Harp with Semi Tones

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-01-12)
Price : US $4.90

HERO 24 Holes Chromatic Harmonica Harp with Semi Tones

Brand NEW HERO Silvery 24 Holes 48 Tones Musical Mouth Chromatic Harmonica Harp with semi-tone in Gift Box


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This harmonica has 24 holes and a total of 48 tones with a button activated slide lever / bar used for playing semi-tones (Sharps and Flats).
( No need to learn bending !! )  Easy to play.  With this harmonica, you can basically play all the common songs & hymns.

This harp can be used for any style, including Celtic, classical, jazz, or blues (commonly in third position).

This Chromatic Harmonica has a full, rich and beautiful sound. It is in the key of ''C''.

It was personally selected for its good quality and durability.

It is crafted with light weight construction including metal covers, brass reed plates and plastic comb.
It is 8'' (20 cm) long.  It comes with a cardboard box. It makes a wonderful gift of music. Anyone can learn to play a simple song in a matter of hours without even knowing how to read music !  Play the harp stimulates the brain. It can help to strengthen the lung as well for medical purpose. If you know someone who likes to sing but just cannot get the right notes, may be you should give him / her a harmonica instead. There are songs that I just cannot sing because some of the notes are too high for me, now I can play them with the harmonica !!

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2010-01-12)

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