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Hohner Concert Harp Vintage ''Up To Date'' Model Germany

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-01-11)
Price : US $6.00

Hohner Concert Harp Vintage

 An old Hohner Tremolo Concert Harp from my uncle's estate. It's hard for me to judge its quality or condition. Certainly gives a strong bright sound. There is a touch of light rust or pitting on each face of the instument. I cannot see a marking of the harp's key. The box latches but the box side ends are out. On its bottom are a Hohner sticker and another marked ''46 1/2''.  Let me know if I can offer more description.  Happy new year to all.

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2010-01-11)

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