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SK9 Little Honker Harp Mic

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-11-04)
Price : AU $58.00

SK9 Little Honker Harp Mic SK9 Little Honker Harp Mic SK9 Little Honker Harp Mic SK9 Little Honker Harp Mic

 Bark Bark Bark Old Scruffy has done chewed a Dynamic 500 ohms element  in a 3 pin electrical plug,,Fitted a 1/4 inch guitar jack in the butt,,Chewed together by push fit, Use two different Paw cupping styles leaving one free Paw for wah wah effects,,This is a seriouse  but different Blues mic that realy works LITTLE HONKER has great lowdown tone for CHICAGO Blues,,Cupped lose or crunched up allow's plenty of hand tone control,,Believe ya eyes you won't believe ya BARKIN !! ears either,,Ya mates will say what the BARKIN HELL is That!!,,Just start Howlin LITTLE HONKER will Blow em away,,BARK BARK BARKIN the BLUES AWAY with a SK9 LITTLE HONKER TODAY !!!!!!!,, Feedback File ///AWESOME mic man as good as a GREENBULLET much easier to hold best harpmic Around/// GREAT LITTLE SCREAMER cool to hold thanks Scruffy Bark Bark /// BARK (?ucken) BARK these Baztards will SKIN A DOG AT TEN YARDS ///ONE NASTY LITTLE HONKER thanks for a great little mic /// AWESOME LITTLE mic EXCELLENT!!!! /// fantastic Harp Mic Best Buy On Ebay /// THE LITTLE HONKER GRRRROWWWLLLSSSS /// Awesome Little Mic i am rapped !!!!!!! Excellent mic instantly got the sound i was after/// Great Product the Little Honker Growls i dig it /// This mic Does

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2009-11-04)

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