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Yamaha 1200 Chromatic Harmonica Incl Box

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-09-22)
Price : US $27.09

Yamaha 1200 Chromatic Harmonica   Incl  Box

Yamaha 1200 12 hole, 48 note, chromatic harmonica, in beautiful COSMETIC condition, includes original box, in beautiful condition.

Cosmetically this harp is in great condition, unfortunately, I was a little to rough when I tested it, and caused the slide spring to either break, or become disconnected.

This would be a great buy for someone who repairs harmonicas, or has another yamaha that needs parts, because it actually plays quite well! 

Up until several months ago, I would have repaired this harp myself, as a repair of this type is realy quite simple to perform, then would relist it, but since my eye sight has gone south due to sugar, I can no longer do this type of minor repair or adjustment.

So, my loss (eye-sight), can be your gain! good luck.

Hohner and Huang.  “Made by Hohner,” is a statement that attracts the attention of almost all harmonica enthusiasts, because, Hohner is  the maker of fine harmonicas like the CBH 2016, CBH 2012, The Echo line, the Comet, and of course the industry's standard of excellence the Hohner MarineBand!  Hohner employed Huang prior to starting his own

Also includes a free PDF File copy of my Harmonica Resource Manual. This is a wonderful tool for all harmonica enthusiast!.

I only ship VIA USPS Priority Mail Service with free tracking. I never use Parcel Post, or other low priced alternatives! It's more expensive, but faster and much more dependable!

Seller can not guarentee

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2007-09-22)

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ggovia@telus.net said...
I have yamaha 1200 and that I took apart to clean a sticking slide. I washed the gunk off with soap water, now my reassemble is not going to well. I don't know if I'm reassembling in the right order. Also the slide still does not slide easily. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you. George