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Harmonica Masterclass Stage Case

Sold ! This harmonica is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-08-04)
Price : US $112.29

Harmonica Masterclass Stage Case Harmonica Masterclass Stage Case

This is the description from the Harmonica Masterclass web site. 'The Harmonica Stage Case is the ultimate road case for the professional harmonica player.. used by players all around the world, including Kim Wilson. Designed from the ground up by professional harmonica player and author David Barrett, we guarantee this case is made from the best quality materials available. The walls of the case are made of 1/4' ply covered with a sheet of long-lasting ABS plastic. Every edge is covered with lightweight aluminum channeling with stainless steel corners and latches. This case is built to last!

The case holds 20 diatonic harmonicas (ten on the upper level and ten below) and one chromatic harmonica. There are three 2-1/2' circular holes to protect your valuable bullet microphones when traveling. When on stage you place the mic into the slot to eliminate feed back when the mic is not being used. One of the holes can also be used for a water bottle when performing on stage. An accessory section is also included in the Harmonica Stage Case design for a vocal microphone, chords, stomp boxes, etc. Ester Polyurethane foam is used in the case for the ultimate in protection of your gear. This is a plastics based foam specifically designed to be non-scratching and non-flaking making for a long lasting super-protective foam.

Now here comes the great part. The upper lid of the case pulls completely off and the bottom half mounts on to any standard microphone stand to make a stage tray!!! No more bending over your amp to get harps, not being able to see the keys because they're out of the light, and getting feedback because you're too

Sold ! This harmonica is sold (sold on 2007-08-04)

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Randy Coleman said...
Great case. how do I go about getting a new incert?